MA Higher Education-2022

College and University Presidents and Board Chairs Progress Snapshot: 2018 – 2022 Download Findings

MA K-12 Education-2021

In partnership with the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy, the Women’s Power Gap Initiative of the Eos Foundation reveals never-before-seen data on racial and gender inequities in Massachusetts education leadership.

MA Higher Education-2019


In 2018, the Women’s Power Gap Campaign published its first report on women’s leadership at the highest levels within Massachusetts’ institutions of higher education. This 2019 report yields some real progress.

MA Top 25 Companies

The data from this study suggest that the lack of women at the top levels of our largest corporations cannot solely be explained as a problem of a “leaky pipeline.” The fact that women comprise 25% of executive team members, drop to 10% of highest paid executives, and 4% of CEOs, points to systemic institutional bias at the highest levels of power and influence. We offer the recommendations below as a starting point for what we hope will be a deep public discussion.

MA Business & Civic Orgs

We undertook this research to determine who is leading on gender and racial balance among 25 prominent Massachusetts business advocacy organizations and who is falling behind. Women and people of color represent 51.5% and 28%, respectively, of the state’s population yet are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions. Why?