Report says Foxboro ranks among top school districts for gender parity

The Foxboro Reporter
November 10, 2021

A study recently released by the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy and the Women’s Power Gap Initiative of the Eos Foundation reveals never-before-seen data on racial and gender inequities in Massachusetts education leadership.

The report, The Power Gap in Massachusetts K-12 Education, highlights a multitude of barriers that keep women and people of color from the superintendency.

Among the 180 school districts analyzed, Foxboro was found among the top 10 districts that are leading the way for gender parity in the superintendency and other leadership positions.

However, findings show that 80% of the Commonwealth’s largest 180 school districts have never had a superintendent of color. And, despite the fact that young people of color make up nearly half of the Commonwealth’s student body, statewide only 5% of superintendents are people of color.

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