Honor Women’s History Month: Reduce the Gender Wage Gap

HigherEd 360
By Eileen Hoenigman Meyer

Happy Women’s History Month! March presents an annual opportunity to recognize, study, and celebrate the many ways that women have shaped professional life and culture.

This awareness month invites leaders to take a routine pulse and evaluate equity measures on campus, ensuring that female professionals are earning fair opportunities for representation, pay, and career advancement.

While female professionals tend to appreciate posts, articles, and workshops that highlight trailblazers, what aids women more is purposeful efforts that help them succeed at work.

The “Power Gap”
According to the Eos Foundation’s 2022 report The Women’s Power Gap at Elite Universities, which examines 130 prestigious institutions, the past 40 years have seen women earning more bachelor’s degrees than their male counterparts. Likewise, female scholars racked up more master’s degrees than males for the last 35 years. According to Eos’s study, women earned more doctoral degrees than men for the past 15 years.

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