Infographics-University Leadership Still in the Human World «Science and Enterprises

By Henry Hendricks

April 30, 2022. Women currently make up the majority of PhDs. He holds a degree in the United States and the people who lead most research universities in the United States continue to be men.Business research company Statista I created a chart using the data from this week’s report Women’s Power Gap InitiativeEos Foundation project.

Women’s Power Gap Initiative surveyed 130 top research universities in the United States Ranking by the Carnegie Foundation — Schools that report frequently on Science & Enterprise — Focus on the gender of the president, dean, and tenure. The results show that about two (22%) of the ten presidents of these institutions are women, and non-white men and women are also largely underestimated in these leadership ranks. increase. The report states that four out of ten deans and presidents of leading research universities are women, suggesting that there is a pool of qualified talents there.

The data also show that the majority of full tenure professors at research universities, about two-thirds, remain male. At the same time, over the last 15 years, women have been awarded more PhDs than men in the United States, suggesting that a pipeline with qualified female candidates is available. The report cites an analysis of Forbes These inequality, announced in 2018, can be traced back to the lack of diversity in the recruitment process, the family and parenting responsibilities imposed on women, and the unconscious bias towards women in top jobs.

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