Mike Kirby: The glass ceiling in our schools

The Sun Chronicle
By Mike Kirby
December 10, 2021

If someone says “teacher,” what image comes to mind?

Probably a woman, right?

There’s a reason for that. Across America, 74% of teachers are women, and it’s slightly higher in Massachusetts, 76%.

But when it comes to leading schools, that’s a different story.

A new study shows that just 39% of Massachusetts school districts are led by a woman. But the Bay State is doing better than the rest of America; only 27% of the nation’s school superintendents are women.

That matches the percentage in the Attleboro area where three of the 11 school districts have female superintendents. Amy Berdos in Foxboro and Teresa Murphy are the only two women leading local kindergarten-Grade 12 school districts while Ingrid Allardi is head of Norfolk’s elementary-level schools.

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