Only 5% of Massachusetts superintendents are people of color, one-eighth the percent of students of color in the state

Mass Live
By Will Katcher
November 11, 2021

Despite representing 43% of Massachusetts students, people of color hold only 5% of school superintendent jobs in the state, and are underrepresented across school administrative and teaching positions, a new report found.

The review of state employment records by the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy highlights widespread disparities in the hiring of people of color for school positions in Massachusetts.

Across several hundred school districts, just 9% of teachers, 12% of principals and 14% of assistant superintendents are people of color. In the entire state, there are just 14 superintendents of color, the report said.
Massachusetts is viewed as a national leader in education, the Rennie Center noted. But still, rarely does a child of color see an administrator or teacher who looks like them.