Report: Only a third of Mass. colleges, universities are led by women

Boston 25 News
November 5, 2019

More women are attending college today than at any other point in time, so why is the number of women leading these institutions so low?

Currently, more than 70% of women make up the student body of colleges and universities across the U.S., but they aren’t making it up to the president’s office.

A new report by the EOS Foundation found that only a third of the state’s colleges and universities are led by women.

“I’ve been working in higher education for 30 years and I’ve always seen this disparity in terms of gender,” said Dr. Valerie Roberson.

Dr. Roberson is the President of Roxbury College, and only the second woman to lead the school in that position.

“More than anything it’s a challenging job, it takes a level of dedication,” said Roberson. “It takes devotion because it’s not a 9 to 5 type of position, you know? I’m working seven days a week.”

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