UMass Gender Pay Gap: Top paid men making nearly 30 percent more than female colleagues

By Suzanne Crow, Conor Kelley, Jeffrey Emmons, Matteo David, Wenyan Zhang, and Phillip Huynh


BOSTON – Three years after University of Massachusetts officials were alerted to significant gender pay gaps — especially in some of the top positions — the inequity has only gotten worse, an examination of state payroll data shows. In 2021 women made up significantly less than half of the top 10 highest paid individuals at nearly every UMass campus. At two campuses that year, there was only one woman among the highest earners.

When shown the state payroll data of non-union employees, which CBS examined in partnership with the Justice Media Computational Journalism co-Lab at Boston University, UMass Boston Professor of Economics Marlene Kim said she was surprised and confused by how two people holding the same positions could have such different pay. She called upon her employer to look into it.

“Having such a disparate gender wage-gap not only necessitates, but I think obligates, the system to investigate to make sure there isn’t gender wage discrimination here,” Kim said.

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